First Word

Hurray, it’s the SPICE for the month of March. It is full of possibilities and we are still working around the clock just to maintain our goal of keeping a superior perspective. This month, I learnt that just because you know the odds against it do not mean you should focus on them. If we are really serious about living a winning life we must be focused on solutions and not problems. Find out how Mr. Mitchell Elegbe, MD of Interswitch, provided solutions in Nigeria that made ATM cards a household necessity.

Sen. Barack Obama is ahead of Sen. Hilary Rodham Clinton on the democratic primaries for the US, as he’s just won Mississippi and I am thinking if Hilary agrees to be VP, they’d be a formidable team against the republicans. Let’s wait and see what happen though, it’s bound to be exciting. Next week is “diamonds in the rough” a program organized by my parent company and is to hold at the University of Lagos Auditorium, University of Lagos. As the day draws nearer and we are busting our butts to get everything ready on time, the anticipation of the event itself still blows our mind everyday. It’s going to be the bomb

During the week my colleague and I got apprehended by two Lastma officers and while I appreciate the maintaining of law and order in Lagos, I would like to suggest that the authorities in charge caution their boys to stop threatening law abiding citizens with a charge of a N100,000 if they are caught passing one- way. All the prices are inflated as threats in order to force law abiding citizens to give bribes.

Finally, I just want to say I am glad this month’s SPICE is out since so far it’s been the most challenging one. It is sizzling hot and also to appreciate everyone who has in one way or another contributed to its success. You are loved and appreciated and to you who is reading it read it and enjoy!